I found this picture and it looks alot like Mooncavern, not entirely correct but its close enough X3 Mooncavern 19:57, June 2, 2012 (UTC)Mooncavern

Name: Mooncavern (in RP is Moonkit, Moonpaw, and finally Mooncavern)

Gender: she-cat

Clan (from Warriors): Thunderclan

Clan (from RP): Ivyclan

Rank (from Warriors): Warrior

Rank (from RP): Deputy

Build: Extremely small with purplish-silver fur, a tuft of fur on top of head, a plumey tail, and violet eyes

Mother: Featherstar (Feathernose)

Father: Sun (deceased)

Sisters (half): Rookfeather, Shellflight, Winterflame, Brightpelt

Brothers (half): Thistlepelt, Boulderkit (deceased)

Mate: Goldenwing

Kits: Sunkit, a dark gold-orange tom with deep torquoise eyes and red tinged front paws, Spottedkit, a gold, brown, and black tortoiseshell she-cat with white spots that resemble fallen snow with bright green eyes, Briarkit, a spiky dark brown she-cat dappled with gold with gold-green eyes

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