note:Morningfur (left) and Sorrelflower (right)

Name: Sorrelflower

Clan: Cloverclan (because the founder was named Clover)

Clan (from RP): Petalclan

Rank (from RP): Warrior

Gender: She-cat

Pelt: Tortoiseshell and White

Eyes: Pale Green

Distinguising markings: Looks like she is wearing a necklace with a Ying yang (when really it is a unique fur pattern) and has a ying yang pattern on her side.

Scars: Owl talon scars on back and flank, torn ear.

Mother: Tallflower

Foster Mother: Fogcloud

Father: Redfoot

Brothers: Breezetail, Stormcreek

Sisters: Cindertuft, Plumtail

Mate/s: Ashnose (deceased, formerly), Morningfur

Ashnose's sons: Bootsie (kittypet now), Ashtail

Ashnose's daughters: Flamequiver, Lavendernose

Morningfur's son: Tumbletwist

Morningfur's daughter: Lilyflower

Aunts: Fogcloud, Milkspirit

Cousins(also half siblings fathered by Redfoot and her aunts): Haygrass, Morningfur, Sparrowfeather, Wavekit, Quietear.

Status: Queen, alive.

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